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Product Sourcing Specialists

Since our inception in 2007, Custom Sourcing has been a beacon of excellence, operating from offices in both the UK and China. With a combined experience of over 35 years in sourcing from China, our team members offer unparalleled expertise, providing seamless solutions for our clients.
At Custom Sourcing, we excel in mitigating risks and ensuring that our clients receive products of the highest quality at the most competitive prices. Whether you require end-to-end management of the sourcing process or prefer tailored solutions to meet specific needs, we are here to deliver. Trust us to navigate the complexities of sourcing, leaving you free to focus on your business's growth and success.

  • Product Sourcing

    Our dynamic product sourcing service handles everything from start to finish, ensuring top-quality products delivered to your door. Serving diverse clients, from startups to global brands, we specialize in sourcing from China, guaranteeing competitive prices and ethical compliance. With over 35 years of experience and a vast network of trusted factories, we prioritize excellence while maximizing savings. Contact us today to streamline your sourcing process and secure the best deals on your products.

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  • Import Conslting Exclusivity

    Elevate your import strategies with our bespoke consulting services. Tailored to companies seeking competitive advantages in sourcing, whether newcomers or seasoned importers, our 35 years of expertise ensures unparalleled
    insights and success.


    Embark on your journey from concept to success with our comprehensive product development service. Whether you have a brilliant idea or a budding prototype, we provide unwavering support to transform it into a market-ready product. Witness your vision come to life as we guide you through every stage, from inception to a finished product that delights consumers. Experience the pride of seeing your idea flourish into a thriving success story with our expert assistance.


    At our China office, our team of expert QC professionals is dedicated to upholding the highest standards. With meticulous inspections, we ensure that every product meets your exact specifications. Moreover, through partnerships with leading Quality Assurance companies, we offer preferential rates for specialized testing needs, all while ensuring uncompromising quality.