"Why use Custom Sourcing when I can do it myself?"

Over 35 years experience in product sourcing in China enables us to have great relationships with factories to ensure our customers pay lower prices than if they import themselves. You also have the assurance that we will be sourcing your product from a factory who we know will ship the correct quality. You also get the added benefits of reduced shipping and any testing costs. Some of our customers are large organisations who even have offices in China and we have still managed to source a product more competitive than what they can.

“Why choose Custom Sourcing over other similar companies?”

We understand our customers’ requirements fully, and are totally fixated on giving our customers the quality they want at the most competitive price possible.

"My company is based outside the UK. Can I still use your services?"

Yes of course. We have existing customers outside the UK and are happy to deal with customers from all over the world. Currently 25% of the product we source is for customers based outside the UK.

"What do you charge for your sourcing service?"

Nothing. The service to you is free of charge. We are paid a small commission directly from the factory. Very occasionally with very specific or unique products there may be a small cost for the time taken to source.

"How long will the whole product sourcing process take?"

Typically expect delivery within 2 to 3 months from when the order is actually placed. This can depend on the product or ranged of products needed. For example an item which needs to be full developed will take longer than an existing item already on the market.

"Must I buy container quantities of a Product?"

No not always. Our relationships with the factories mean that within reason we never make a customer buy more than they require.

“How do I know the quality will be acceptable?”

We have a dedictated QA team based from our China office, and we will be able to provide you with a sample before you place the order, so you will be able to see and feel the quality of the product. Once production is started you will get a pre-shipment sample so you can see the final product. If needed our China team will visit the factory to check any special quality related requirements before shipment.

"Does Custom Sourcing deal with the shipping?”

Yes we do. We will book and organise all the shipping and logistics needed to get your order from the factory in China to your door. For all UK and European based customers this is handled via our UK operations team. For customers outside Europe our China office will handle this for you.

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